About the Stallions

Thank you for your interest in the Broome County Stallions. The Stallions are back for their third year in Broome County and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors.

We are a member of the Northeastern Football Alliance.  The goal of our organization is to provide our local community with a competitive and professional football experience.

We are a Not-for-Profit Organization.

Many in our community remember the Tri-Cities and BC Jets.  We haven’t had a successful semi-pro football team in the area since then.  We are looking to fill that void and build a new franchise from those storied traditions.

We were established in 2009 as the Oneonta City Stallions.  The early years were rough as we didn’t win many games.  However we had dedicated players, coaches, and owners and were able to build on our successes each year.  Over these years we have attracted some of the most talented players throughout Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego counties. In 2016, under the new ownership of Jeremy Polhamus, the Stallions moved to Broome County.

The Stallions made it to the playoffs in their first two seasons (2016 & 2017).  Unfortunately they lost both years in the quarter finals.

Off the field, we had many successes in 2017 and were able to give back to our wonderful community:

*We gathered and donated over 300 lbs to our local CHOW.

*We participated in several pee-wee football practices including helping out at the Windsor Youth Football training camp.

*We helped out for a week long project to rebuild the playground at St. John’s Elementary School.  The Stallions helped Play-by-design and Habitat for Humanity along with other volunteers to complete this community project.

*We partnered with several local businesses for joint fund raisers.

*We had a game night with the Rumble Ponies where our team was recognized and honored to throw out the first pitch of the game

*The Stallions sponsored several children and families in need for the holiday season through The Berkshire Farm Center.

*We invested over $10,000 into the Binghamton School district for the use of their field and facilities for our home games.

*We provide the opportunity for young adults in the local area to play our beloved sport after high school and college.
Playing football after school helps young adults maintain stability in their lives as they transition into the “real
world.” As a team and organization we help each other network and improve in our professional lives.

*We provide the community with affordable fun and entertainment. Hundreds of fans come out for Saturday nights in the summer to watch local talent play football.  Our home games are a great and fun experience for the whole family.

We have already added new talent to our roster and we look forward to bringing home a championship in 2018.

We will be even more involved in our community as we build and foster new relationships.

We can’t do it without your help though. We hope to have your support for the 2018 season.

Any interested players, coaches, staff or sponsors should contact Jeremy Polhamus (760) 496-8040.